This website is published by the Hawthorne Avenue Neighbors--

a coalition of business owners and residents calling for better transit planning in Bend. 

Donate to Fix Bend Transit to ensure leadership for Bend

Fix Bend Transit PAC will work hard to elevate transit as a priority issue in the upcoming election cycle. Bend City Council, CET's board of directors, county and state-level races are all important. It's time to ensure leadership that won't punt on transit--and that understands the value of public transportation to creating an equitable community. 

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The Hawthorne Avenue Neighbors is a coalition of neighbors, business owners and transit advocates. The group began as a collection of community members frustrated by the safety and traffic issues at Hawthorne Station, which was originally selected 10 years ago as an interim transit hub.

Over the past two years, the group has been heavily engaged in the transit planning process--paying much closer attention that most to the lack of resources devoted to transit and transit planning.


Now the group is encouraging others who care about equity in transportation, a well-planned city and climate change to take action to demand better transit planning--and transit facilities--in our rapidly growing city.


This project is sponsored by Bend Towne Center and is staffed by Hubbell Communications. Copyright 2020. 




Facebook: @hawthorneavenueneighbors